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“Most people don’t think about where the food they buy in supermarkets come from, and whether it’s ethically sourced. Provenance uses the blockchain — the technology underpinning bitcoin — to track the origins of food and other goods.”

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Business Insider

“It’s a breath of fresh air to find a blockchain start-up which is actually doing stuff in the real world and raising capital with a traditional funding round – rather than issuing a token.”

Fairtrade for the blockchain age: Provenance raises $800K ahead of commercial launch

International Business Times

“Having a link to the provenance of our produce is important, especially as consumers are starting to lose track of where raw materials come from.”

Digital startup aims to lead a revolution in retail transparency

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The combining of Sourcemap’s supply chain social network and Provenance’s blockchain technology offers an unprecedented way for companies to overcome the complexities of modern supply chains, tracing and tracking them in real-time.’

Sourcemap, Provenance Harness Supply Chain Mapping, Blockchain Tech to Power Robust Traceability Platform

Sustainable Brands

Provenance works with suppliers, brands, and certifiers to enable every product to come with an open, secure record of its journey and creation.”

The story of Provenance

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