Meet the conscious consumption pioneers

“Some stats to set the scene – in 2012, it was estimated that by this year (2015) the global apparel industry would produce more than 400 billion square meters of fabric per year, representing nearly enough material to cover the state of California annually. Combine that with the knowledge that of the materials currently flowing through the consumer economy, only one per cent remains in use six months after sale, and you begin to see the scale of the problem we face.

And this isn’t just a waste problem. As we demand more fast-fashion, manufacturers respond, and squeeze their supply chains to benefit their bottom line. From a mobile phone to a bottle of wine – every product has a story, a journey of people, places and materials. Sometimes these stories are positive, but sometimes they are not.

To tackle this challenge, I created the social enterprise, Provenance. It is launching this year as a web application and network, which uses data technology to present authentic stories of products. Provenance will be just one part of the drive towards conscious consumerism.”

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