We’re featured in Hickory Nines!

“Provenance is a new way to make more informed choices about what we buy. Essentially it’s a search engine into which you can seek the source and supply chain of consumables and everyday products from the producers who are happy to share this information with the public. It’s still very young, so the range currently on the site isn’t yet profuse – but it’s growing fast, every day, and I would happily wager their catchy icon will be a common site come the end of 2014. It’s also landed at a time when we arguably need it most – in a period where ponies are being loaded into the cow grinder by burly mafia types, it’s got to be a welcome addition to the limited avenues we have for food awareness.”

“In a world which has openly started to question what is coming from where, Provenance champion ethics and a clear supply chain for the sake of the customer, as well as the producers and suppliers.”

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