Provenance in the Press | August 2016

“Provenance, a U.K. software startup, uses blockchain technology to establish the authenticity of food. Provenance is testing the technology to authenticate tuna caught in Indonesia delivered to Japanese restaurants.”

Blockchain Joins Efforts to Improve Food Traceability amid Rising Waste and Safety Fears

Cryptocoins News

“Jessi Baker, founder and CEO of Provenance, is using blockchain technology to track raw materials as they move through the supply chain. The company has just completed a six month trial tracking tuna fish in Indonesia.”

Blockchain businesses embark on world-changing projects

The Guardian

“Provenance – a small UK B2B software company that uses blockchain to establish the authenticity of high value goods, including food – for example they use a combination of sensors and RFID tags to track fish from “hook to fork”.”

Can blockchain be a ‘trust machine’ for food supply chains?


“The company’s founder and CEO, Jessi Baker, said in an interview this week that the trial was a success and has “proved the viability for public blockchains”.”

Cleaning up the food chain

TM Forum

“Provenance heeft al enkele succesvolle proeven uitgevoerd. Zoals met tonijn uit Indonesië. Er is samenwerking gezocht met lokale vissers die hebben bewezen deze vis op een duurzame en eerlijke manier te vangen.”

Hoe blockchain-technologie de herkomst van producten in het schap bewijst

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“Provenance is a software platform helping businesses bring transparency and traceability to their products. Our digital tools showcase the journey of people, places and materials behind any physical thing from fish to fashion items.”

Provenance gives shoppers assurance about where products come from

The Guardian

“The core concept is that Provenance can give every physical product a seamless digital ‘passport’ creating far greater transparency and trust.”

Five Standout Start-Ups Focused Upon Blockchain Trade Finance

The Finanser

“The company has just completed a six-month trial tracking tuna fish in Indonesia. Fishermen text message details of their catches to the Provenance blockchain and a digital token is attached to the fish as it passes through the supply chain.”

Five Standout Start-Ups Focused Upon Blockchain Trade Finance

Brave New Coin

“Provenance is now working with The Co-operative Group to ensure that products in its supermarkets are derived from ethical sources.”

Five Standout Start-Ups Focused Upon Blockchain Trade Finance


“Provenance – это не просто одно из решений для работы с цепочками поставок. Здесь отслеживаются абсолютно все товары, которые только есть на складах. При этом компания фокусируется на конечном пользователе.”

Five blockhain start-ups, which are worth knowing


“Startups liked Provenance and FarmShare are using blockchains to solve this problem for businesses and consumers. The value of blockchain here is its ability to make the supply chain entirely transparent and rich with immutable provenance data from farm to table.”

From Bitcoin to Agriculture: How Can Farmers Benefit from Blockchain?


“The organisation behind that website –  Provenance –  is one we need to look at more closely too.”

Welspun Egyptian Cotton Problems – Supply Chain Provenance Hits the Headlines

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