Provenance in the Press | December 2016

“Project Provenance Ltd is working towards greater transparency in the fishing industry by tracing the origins and histories of products’ by combining RFID tags with the blockchain.”

How Blockchain Technology Is Improving Food Supply Chains


“But, what if a company could proactively provide digitally permanent, audiable records that show stakeholders the state of the product at each value-added step? Ideas like Provenance.Org and SkuChain aim to do just this.”

6 Blockchain Applications That Go Beyond Bitcoin


“One such project is Project Provenance which enables every physical product to come with a digital ‘passport’ that provides authenticity and origin creating an auditable record of the journey behind all physical products.”

Why Legal Marketing Technologists Need To Learn About Blockchain

JD Supra

“Blockchain has been proven useful across finance — for currency transfers and secure data applications — as well as in tracking objects such as tuna to see if it was ethically fished.”

How blockchain might be useful in marketing and advertising