Provenance in the Press | July 2016

“Using blockchain technology would proactively provide digitally permanent, audit-able records that show stakeholders the state of the product at each value-added step.”

5 applications for blockchain in your business
The Economist

“The idea is that a Chilean vineyard can, for instance, publicly share a bottle’s origin in its fields, and track it throughout the chain of production, all the while recording its statements publicly for posterity.”

Blockchain: the answer to life, the universe and everything?
The Guardian

“pour voir comment les blockchains pourraient favoriser le développement du monde agricole ou, plus simplement, résoudre tel ou tel problème précis du monde agricole. Les blockchains ne sont pas une panacée; mais leur potentiel et la variété de leurs applications est faramineux.”

Interview with Marc Lipskier
Saf Agr’iDés

“Each physical item is given a ‘digital passport’, and every stage of its journey is tracked – from raw materials right through to the shop shelf, meaning companies have a way to prove their products’ authenticity while consumers can feel confident purchasing them.”

Blockchain: what is it and why should you care?
Cisco UK & Ireland Blog

“to prove the provenance of everything, from mundane bags of cement, branded liquor and farm produce to signed oil paintings by artists. It could even be adapted to help cut down on plagiarism and aid in patent applications by registering documents with time-stamps.”

How the blockchain can transform the financial world

“Provenance helps businesses increase sales, and customer loyalty, by encouraging greater transparency. Using blockchain data-security technology, it shows whether a product is authentic, organic or made with respect for workers’ rights etc.”

More of the best New Radicals 2016
The Guardian

“On pourrait ajouter du potentiel dans la lutte contre la contrefaçon, qui est un fléau pour de multiples industries de la pharmacie au luxe en passant par l’automobile. La traçabilité auditable est un élément crucial pour différentes industries, de l’agroalimentaire à la pharmacie”

Blockchain, une révolution pour le secteur de l’industrie?
Orange Business Services

“The company was founded by a group of individuals who wanted to encourage education and dialogue about how things are made. The aim is that this leads to people making more informed choices and buying more environmentally and socially positive products.”

“Ya existen empresas que están empezando a darle este uso alternativo: por ejemplo, la londinense Provenance la está aplicando para crear una plataforma fiable de productos autóctonos en la que es posible comprobar su procedencia al adquirirlos.”

Posibilidades del blockchain más allá de las finanzas y el Bitcoin

“Most notable is, a small UK B2B software startup using the blockchain to establish the authenticity of high value goods, including food.”

Blockchains could help restore trust in the food we choose to eat