Provenance in the Press | May 2016

“Uncovering the stories, journeys and impact behind brands and products, Provenance enables consumers to make informed purchases by providing them with a platform to learn more about where products come from. While, for businesses, the cutting-edge technology helps to create meaningful relationships with customers, on a much deeper level.”

How Provenance is Revolutionsing Supply Chain Transparency
Well To Do

“Via a smartphone application, Provenance hopes to be able to serve up this information to a consumer at the point of purchase. RFID and NFC are two technologies, among others, that are being looked at as potential vehicles for this knowledge transfer.”

Building a Better Supply Chain via the Blockchain
Daily Fintech

“One company, Provenance, is already taking advantage of blockchain technology to create an immutable record of a product’s entire lifecycle. This not only helps companies build trust with their customers, it can make the certification of goods (such as organic, free-trade or GM-free) an easier and more reliable process.”

Riding the Blockchain Wave
Commbank Blog