Provenance in the Press | October 2016

“The Co-op is funding a 12-week pilot with a social enterprise, Provenance, to see how it can increase transparency on labelling “to provide a digital history so every product tells a story”

How can we put the taste back into British food?

The Guardian

“A British company called Provenance has just finished a pioneering pilot in Indonesia that uses the blockchain to improve insights into the local fishing industry’s supply chain.”

From line to plate, Tuna gets its own blockchain

Global Futurist

“But Jessi Baker, Chief Executive of Provenance, is figuring out how the blockchain, the technology underpinning Bitcoin, could be used to track the supply chain of fish, from fisherman to plate.”

Why Jessi Baker, chief executive of Provenance, is using blockchain for food

The Australian Financial Review

“And, Provenance is doing it for food. Think the vision of “fair trade” but with more trust and lower costs.”

Six Blockchain application verticals, opportunities for your next project

Brave New Coin

“Provenance is perhaps the most advanced blockchain startup hoping to to restore consumer trust.”

Anti-counterfeiting blockchain app demoed at Shanghai Fashion Week

Brave New Coin

“What we love most about Provenance, is that it answers the question, where does my product come from?”

Is Blockchain Technology Set to Revolutionize the Fashion Industry?


“Provenance uses blockchain to keep a track of food supply chains and makes the information public, secure and all-inclusive.”

Blockchain: can it be of help for the agricultural industry?


“We are also seeing solutions from startups such as Provenance, which is using blockchain to promote trust in the supply chain by providing transparency and visibility into the product journey, from source to customer.”

Blockchain could help fix IoT security after DDoS attack

Venture Beat

“Provenance is using Ethereum to make opaque supply chains more transparent. By tracing the origins and histories of products, the project aims to build an open & accessible framework of information so consumers can make informed decisions when they buy products.”

What is Ethereum? A Step-by-Step Beginners Guide