Provenance in the Press | September 2016

“It claims the Provenance software service will enable businesses to comply with legislation and consumer demands which will create a “positive social and environmental impact.”

Blockchain Will Transform the Agriculture Industry

“Provenance used mobile, blockchain technology and smart tagging to track fish caught by fishermen with verified social sustainability claims.”

This Emerging Tech Company Has Put Asia’s Tuna On The Blockchain


“London-based technology company Provenance is combining the immutability and cryptographic granularity of blockchain, with sea to consumer supply chains in order to track high value fish, improving transparency and sustainability.”

UK technology company Provenance puts first fish on the blockchain

International Business Times

“Provenance is an organization dedicated to socially responsible consumerism—it recently began piloting a blockchain program with the Co-Op Food group in the United Kingdom.”

How to Make Sure Your Fish Wasn’t Caught by Slaves

Food & Wine

“Tal ventaja ha sido aprovechada ya por la iniciativa británica Provenance, que ha desarrollado un proyecto con la tecnología blockchain que ha sido utilizado durante 6 meses en el proceso de pesca de dos variedades de peces en las aguas de Indonesia.”

Blockchain en la lucha para combatir la pesca ilegal


“Because human rights abuses and illegal fishing are so widespread in the fish industry, campaigners hope the technology, piloted by a U.K.-based blockchain company Provenance, will help manufacturers, retailers and restaurants track the origins of their fish.”

Blockchain Technology to Help Fight Slavery in the Fishing Industry


“In a recent pilot project, a U.K.-based startup called Provenance traveled to Indonesia and tested tracking tuna on the blockchain, the same ultra-secure technology used to track Bitcoins.”

Tracking Tuna On The Blockchain To Prevent Slavery And Overfishing

Fast Company

“Provenance’s new technology will not only restore a chaotic paper tracking system, but it will also provide much-needed transparency within the seafood industry”

Blockchain To Help Fishing Industry By Tracking Fish Origins


“The project, a collaboration between Provenance, the International Pole and Line Foundation (IPNLF) and Humanity United, aimed at demonstrating the capabilities of blockchain technology as to provide a robust proof of compliance to standards at origin and along the chain and prevent the “double-spend” of certificates.”

UK Startup Wraps Up 6-Month Blockchain Pilot for Fish Supply Chain Tracking

Coin Journal

“Provenance, a UK based blockchain supply chain traceability solution provider intends to fight illegal fishing and associated human rights violations.”

Provenance Tackles Illegal Fishing and Human Rights Violations with Blockchain Technology


“Social enterprise Provenance conducted a trial that involved following the supply chains of two types of tuna fished in Indonesia and successfully integrating blockchain into existing auditing systems to create an unbroken record.”

Blockchain provides ‘single source of truth’ for tuna supply chains

Supply Management

“Provenance, a UK-based company, is trying to make a difference. It describes itself as “a platform that empowers brands to take steps toward greater transparency by tracing the origins and histories of products.”

Can Blockchain Technology Solve The Problem Of Illegal Fishing?


“Project Provenance Limited, based out of the United Kingdom offers blockchain based supply chain transparency and traceability services.”

Provenance tackles slavery in the fish trade, with blockchain technology

Brave New Coin

“Provenance, a UK startup has brought the tech to the shores of Indonesia, trialling it in coastal communities where tuna fisheries are the main source of employment.”

Blockchain can now track how your fish was caught


“The UK Co-op supermarket chain is working with London-based blockchain start-up Provenance to develop a way to publicly verify the origins of food sold in its stores.”

One Per Cent

New Scientist

“The supermarket is working with early stage blockchain startup Provenance to investigate how its technology can be used to track that its produce comes from sustainable sources in what’s thought to be the first pilot project of its kind by a major retailer.”

The Co-op is exploring blockchain technology

City A.M

“Provenance wants to reveal the origins of fish, enabling anyone to see where fish was caught, treated and sold.”

Blockchain to challenge illegal fishing, slavery in industry

Coin Report

“The blockchain provides an audit layer sitting on top of an existing ERP or other data management system, providing a true end-to-end record without the need to change existing interfaces to data capture,” said Provenance.”

Can Blockchains bring Transparency and Validation to Complex Extended Supply Chains?

Supply Chain Digest

“The Co-op food division is currently conducting its own trial with Provenance.”

Co-op trials blockchain technology

Financial Director