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“Producers create and control all of that information, not consumers, nor even government, so if there is some doubt about where the Gucci bag originated or how old the Salmon is, you’d be naïve not to ask why they couldn’t simply misreport or outright falsify the numbers when it is to their advantage to do so.

Nowadays, however, we have Bitcoin. Whatever happens on the blockchain, stays on the blockchain, and everyone in the world can see it. What better place to record and share such important, ongoing information? Trust in a supply chain can finally be had, at least from the point where the information first gets added.

Provenance is the first enterprise to step up and create these transparent supply chains for all types of products. While a few specialized services like Everledger and Ascribe use the blockchain to track single product types, in their cases of diamonds and digital artwork respectively, Provenance was designed to track any type of product, throughout every part of its lifecycle.”

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