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“Aside from its budding use case in overhauling mainstream finance, blockchain technology has also been lauded for the way in which it can help enact social good.

Jessi Baker, CEO and founder of London-based startup Provenance, established in the summer of 2013, is hoping to channel the potential of distributed ledgers to do just that. Alongside heading Provenance, Baker is also undertaking a PHD investigating new technologies to build more transparency into supply chains – the lack of which, she said, brings about most of the world’s social and environmental problems.

“One of the big culprits of that failure is in the global supply chains,” she told CoinDesk in a recent interview. “We have seen products that are still being done by slaves, environments being destroyed by the production of consumer goods.”

For Baker, consumers or companies are not inherently bad for purchasing products that have not been ethically produced. Instead, she argued, the issue resides with the lack of information available to people wanting to make those purchases.

This is where the blockchain technology comes in.”

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