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“When buying from the web, it has become second nature to determine the colour, size and weight of goods with a click of the mouse. But as entrepreneur Jessi Baker discovered, it’s rare for websites to provide the complete origin of the materials and products you’re purchasing. The supply chain, she found, is often shrouded in mystery.

“There’s a rising new generation of consumers who are concerned about where stuff comes from,” says Baker. “I found myself frustrated by the lack of information, even when you’re shopping in a situation where data should be abundantly available.”

For tech-minded Baker the solution seemed obvious: create B2B software that brokers this type of social and environmental information and, by doing so, authenticates and strengthens existing certifications.

She bootstrapped the project while studying for a PhD in computer science and formally launched Provenance two years ago, having worked with small independent businesses to identify the journey their products and raw materials had been on. One such company is Pact Coffee, which sources beans from South American locations and roasts to order at its roastery in Bermondsey, south London.”

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