Halal (HCE)

Halal (HCE)

Halal Certification Europe (HCE) was established in 1992 with the aim of formalising the investigation and certification of Halal products. HCE’s Halal certificate assures that a product has been inspected and found to adhere to Islamic Laws.

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Standard Summary

  • All raw materials used are produced in a halal manner and originate from animal, chemical, or bacterial sources that comply with Islamic law
  • The entire manufacturing process is audited regularly to ensure manufacturing equipment, the production process, cleaning methodology, storage of products, and logistics remain halal compliant throughout the supply chain, leading to the production of safe, wholesome products fit for human use
  • Packaging and branding are halal compliant in accordance with Islamic Law and Muslim societal norms
  • Site audits of the manufacturing site to ensure Halal compliance are carried out in person
  • Certificates are renewed annually

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