Leaf Marque

Leaf Marque

LEAF Marque is a wholly-owned subsidiary of LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming). The certification seeks to deliver more sustainable farming that is prosperous, enriches the environment, and engages local communities. All farmers have to implement Integrated Farm Management (IFM). The LEAF Marque Standard has a whole-farm approach that is based on the principles of IFM, including soil, water and pollution management, energy conservation, crop health and protection, wildlife habitats enhancement, and community engagement. LEAF was founded in 1991.

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Standard Summary

The LEAF Marque Standard is a supplementary system that focuses on the environmental aspects of farm management.

  • Farms should demonstrate whole farm and site-specific continuous improvement across the following categories: soil management to enhance soil quality and soil health, resilience of cropping systems, management of water use and water quality, energy efficiency and energy use, waste management, management of livestock to enhance the environment, management of native habitats and biodiversity

  • Farms are audited annually and in-person

  • Certification is valid for 1 year

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