Protecting Water Quality

This business has implemented one or more practices to reduce the pollution discharge in water that might have resulted from the production and/or manufacturing of this product.

Proof Point Level
Product Business

What are the requirements for this Proof Point?


  • Practices must be specific and implemented at scale – pilots are not accepted
  • The business must have implemented alternative less polluting practices, tackling known pollution hotspots in the supply chain (businesses can use their own LCA to prove this or market data from a standard LCA tol)
  • Practices must target material impact, additionally if some operations are in water-stressed areas, practices must seek to reduce impact there
  • Practices must be in place at the time the claim is issued

Information you'll need to share in this Proof Point

  • Outline the practices and what pollution hotspot they are targeting
  • Specify if the business is operating in water-stressed areas

What documents do I need to supply?

Evidence should strongly support the claim and will be made publicly available

  • Discharge reports and measurements
  • Proof of specific practices

Who can verify this Proof Point?

Verifiers are third parties who can confirm the validity of a given Proof Point

  • External organisation that has measured the total pollution levels

Additional Resources

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