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Renewable Energy

At least 80% of the energy used is from renewable sources. Renewable sources are defined as those that naturally replenish within a human lifetime (e.g. biomass, wind or solar power).

Sustainable Development Goals
Affordable and clean energy Climate action
Proof Point Level
Product Business


  • At least 80% of the energy used at the facility must come from renewable resources
  • The energy supplier should prove that the energy sourced is genuinely renewable - it should a. source only renewable energy with the associated REGO or b. produce its own energy.

Publication Requirements

  • Type of energy used
  • % of renewable energy used

Accepted Evidence

Evidence should strongly support the claim and will be made publicly available

  • Confirmation from Provider
  • Energy consumption report broken down by type of energy
  • Energy bill from renewable energy supplier

Accepted Verifiers

Verifiers are third parties who can confirm the validity of a given Proof Point.

  • Recognised Energy Provider

Additional Resources

Green tariffs

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