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UEBT - Sourcing with Respect

UEBT - Sourcing with Respect

UEBT is a non-profit association founded in 2007 that provides a globally recognised standard for sustainable sourcing and the use of raw materials. They work to regenerate nature and secure a better future for people through the ethical sourcing of ingredients from biodiversity. The certification looks at a company’s or ingredient's entire sourcing system to verify that the right policies are in place to biodiversity is conserved, ingredients are sourced sustainably, and that workers in the supply chain are treated equitably and paid fairly. UEBT ethical sourcing system certification began in 2018 with Weleda and Natura Cosmetics as launching partners.

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Standard Summary

The certification process inspects the following:

  • Company, brand, or product line-specific ethical sourcing commitments, procedures, and policies

  • Traceability systems for natural ingredient

  • In-person audits verify the implementation of policies and procedures

Brands are expected to follow those sourcing principles:

  • Conservation of biodiversity

  • Sustainable use of biodiversity

  • Fair and equitable sharing of benefits derived from the use of biodiversity

  • Socio-economic sustainability (productive, financial, and market management)

  • Compliance with national and international legislation

  • Respect for the rights of actors involved in BioTrade activities

  • Clarity about land tenure, right of use, and access to natural resources

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