Partly Recycled Packaging

This product’s packaging includes recycled content.

Proof Point Level
Product Business

What are the requirements for this Proof Point?


  • At a minimum, the packaging's main components includes recycled content that meets the following thresholds: Glass (Clear) 40% recycled content, Glass (Green or Brown) 80% recycled content, Aluminium 60% recycled content, Plastic 40% recycled content, Cardboard 80% recycled content
  • This can include post and pre-consumer waste

Information you'll need to share in this Proof Point

  • List components and material specifying the % of recycled content

What documents do I need to supply?

Evidence should strongly support the claim and will be made publicly available

  • Signed statement of transparency from management team member on the % recycled per component
  • Invoice proving the brand sourced material is from a certified supplier
  • Packaging specification from your supplier

Who can verify this Proof Point?

Verifiers are third parties who can confirm the validity of a given Proof Point

  • Packaging manufacturer
  • Provider of recycled material
  • NGO collecting the material

Other Proof Points in this category

The packaging’s components… can be separated and placed in a recycling bin are made from materials that have been used before can be placed in the compost bin to decompose (home or industrial) can be refilled and used again (for the same purpose)
Compostable Packaging Parts No No Only some No
Fully Compostable Packaging No No Yes No
Partly Recyclable Packaging Only some No No No
Widely Recyclable Packaging Yes No No No
Partly Recycled Packaging No Only some No No
Fully Recycled Packaging No Yes No No
Refill Solution No No No Yes (at least some)

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