The Framework About

Scientifically Tested

This product has been independently tested in a laboratory. Tests can focus on product efficacy or the presence of potential contaminants.

Proof Point Level
Product Business


  • The product should have undergone a scientific trial in a controlled laboratory environment and supervised by medical or scientific personnel
  • The tests must prove product efficacy or the absence of contaminants
  • The test must meet standards above regulatory requirements (e.g. a test of heavy metal contaminants must show traces below the German BVL standard)
  • This claim is for beauty and cosmetic products, it does not apply to food and beverage products (including supplements)

Publication Requirements

  • Specify what the product was tested for and the results
  • Specify the conditions of the test

Accepted Evidence

Evidence should strongly support the claim and will be made publicly available

  • Laboratory report – should include the name of the product and key findings

Accepted Verifiers

Verifiers are third parties who can confirm the validity of a given Proof Point

  • Laboratory

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