Alliance for Water Stewardship

Alliance for Water Stewardship

The Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) is a global membership collaboration comprising businesses, NGOs and the public sector. The AWS standard helps businesses better understand and manage their water consumption within a catchment context. Certification demonstrates that a site has successfully completed each of the steps in the AWS Standard.

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Standard Summary

  • Achieve the minimum number of points for each level:
  1. AWS Core: 0 – 39 points
  2. AWS Gold: 40 – 79 points
  3. AWS Platinum: 80 or more points

Points are scored in each of the five steps of the AWS Framework:

  • Understand water dependencies and impacts

  • Mitigate operational and supply chain water risks

  • Ensure responsible water procedures are in place

  • Build relationships with local water-related stakeholders

  • Address challenges shared with others in the catchment

  • Audits take place annually in person

  • Certification is valid for three year

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