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Fair For Life

Fair For Life

Fair for Life was created in 2006 by the Swiss Bio-Foundation and is now managed by the Ecocert Group. They promote a fair trade approach and strive to provide a framework that encourages fairer remunerations and better opportunities for producers.

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Standard Summary

For certified food products at least 80% of agricultural ingredients should be Fair for Life Fair Trade Certified

For food products made with Fair Trade ingredients at least 20% of agricultural ingredients should be certified according to the Fair for Life standard

Companies should:

  • Commit to fairness by orienting the business model to fair practices based on a fair pricing policy and a respectful dialogue with its suppliers

  • Offer decent working conditions

  • Take responsibility for their environmental impacts and progressively implement sustainable agricultural practices

  • Support local development

  • Demonstrate continuous improvement

  • Ensure full physical traceability of the certified ingredients

  • Ensure all relevant information is passed on to the end customer

  • Annual in-person audits

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Fair For LIfe Standard

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