Demeter Biodynamic

Demeter Biodynamic

The Demeter standard was introduced in 1928 based on Rudolf Steiner’s work and views on holistic farming. Demeter’s principles include regeneration, integration of nature and human beings, and ecological and social responsibility. The Biodynamic mark means that farms meet the organic standard including the prohibition of synthetic chemical fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides, but then it goes much further. Emphasis is on the generation of farm inputs out of the living dynamics of the farm itself, rather than being imported from the outside. Dependence on imported materials for fertility and pest control is reduced. Water conservation is considered. Farms are required to maintain at least 10% of total acreage as a biodiversity set aside.

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Standard Summary

  • The farm needs to be certified organic

  • Additional practices need to be implemented at a farm level to meet Demeter's regenerative principles. This includes specific animal welfare practices and the use of biodynamic preparations

  • For product certification at least 90% of the ingredients need to be certified as well as any transformation processes

  • Certification takes up to 3 years and needs to be renewed annually

  • Audits take place annually and in-person

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