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Climate Neutral is a nonprofit organization founded in 2019. They work to certify brands as Climate Neutral once these have measures, reduced and/or offseted their emissions. The certification is awarded at brand level and includes the GreenHouse Gases associated to the production and delivery of all it's product

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Sustainable Development Goals
Proof Point Level
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Standard Summary

  • Depending on their size brands can use an internal carbon accounting tool or work with a third-party consultant or organisation to measure their footprint

  • All of Scopes 1 & 2 should be included as well as some aspects of Scope 3 (purchased goods and services, upstream & downstream transportation, waste from operations)

  • All offsets must be verified

  • All businesses should have a carbon reduction plan

  • Paper audits

  • Certification is valid 1 year

Additional Resources

Climate Neutral Standard

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