The Framework About

Improving Farming

This business has implemented practices to transition towards a more regenerative and sustainable farming system. Practices have been implemented across the farm and target issues such as soil fertility and water quality.

Sustainable Development Goals
Zero hunger Life on land
Proof Point Level
Product Business


  • This Proof Point applies specifically to the farming of agricultural products (animals are not included)
  • The practices must be implemented across the farm - pilots are not accepted
  • The practices must target material impact and must improve soil fertility, water quality, or biodiversity, or generally aim to reduce the carbon footprint of farming
  • Biodiversity programs running in parallel do not qualify
  • Practices must be in place at the time the claim is issued

Publication Requirements

  • Outline the practices and what they are targeting

Accepted Evidence

Evidence should strongly support the claim and will be made publicly available

  • Soil quality reports
  • Water quality reports
  • Water consumption reports
  • Farming plan with detail of practices in place

Accepted Verifiers

Verifiers are third parties who can confirm the validity of a given Proof Point

  • Implementation partner
  • Organisation measuring the impact of those practices

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