Join us in Building a Transparent Future

According to PWC’s Consumer Intelligence Series reports, brands considered trustworthy, authentic and transparent have grown in value at nearly five times the rate of the average company over the past 15 years.

Do you support a future for commerce where the most responsible decision is also the most profitable one? Are you passionate about scalable software as a catalyst for good?

We envision a future where every great product, from a bottle of wine to a pair of jeans, comes with accessible, verifiable information about its history and creation.

Why? Opaque supply chains are devastating environments and compromising the wellbeing of people, animals and communities.

Every product and business is different, but rarely do we have the information we need to make positive choices about what to buy. We exist to empower businesses to be transparent.

Provenance is welcoming advisors and investors to join us as we build the future of brand trust. Our raise will be partly match-funded by an already secured grant. We seek individuals and group funds who share our vision, to help us build the platform for product supply chain transparency.

Our Journey

Jessi Baker (CEO) started Provenance in 2013 as a side project PhD in Computer Science. In 2015, Ian Kynnersley (CTO) joined the team, and we were awarded a grant from Innovate UK, matched with private investment to develop the Provenance concept – a software platform enabling businesses that create and sell products to make their supply chains transparent – easily and in a trustworthy format.

We’ve built an amazing team of developers, designers and data analysts, who incidentally can all code, on top of their respective, complementary skills. What ultimately brings us together is a passion for a better, more open system for commerce. Enabling change by proving and communicating the positive. Working with business on a system that can benefit us all to make better choices for environment and society – all along the supply chain.

Clockwise from top left: Provenance founders Ian Kynnersley and Jessi Baker, the team visiting Newlyn Fish Co. in Cornwall, holding a workshop at Wired Sussex with Brighton supermarket hiSbe founders, and gathering data at a factory in Lincolnshire.


After iterating our beta product with several UK businesses – from fashion to furniture to bikes, gaining interest from Fast Company and Wired Magazine – we turned our focus towards the food industry, where the need for Provenance is most acute. In early 2016 we tracked responsibly caught fish through two supply chains in Indonesia – proving that the technology works in global supply chains, as well as here in Europe. We iterated our plug and play tools further working with over 200 brands from Rookery Farm in Brighton to Archie Rose Distilling in Roseberry, Australia, and attracted the Co-op as an Enterprise client in July 2016. We’ve gathered a pipeline of brands from across Europe ready to work with us, as well as interest from Asia, Australia and the US. We’ve also forged partnerships with complementary industries – from smart tagging to certifications.

Our work has received media attention from top titles and attracted interest all over the world – with zero marketing spend and no sales team. We have over 5,000 unique social followers, are counting over 100 reputable news articles, and have been contacted by over 14,000 people in the past two years. This raise will include the hiring of a Commercial Lead, who will activate our pipeline of pioneering brands and retailers keen to work with us.

A new approach to an age-old problem

Combining blockchain technology with a consumer-facing brand in the high-growth food tech market positions us well to lead the future of product data and item traceability. There’s a clear global market need for Provenance, as a dimension missing from so many products. We’re not only early adopters of a “game changing new technology”, we’re considered the “killer use for the blockchain”.

Want to find out more? Receive our investor pack, or arrange a call or meeting with our CEO Jessi Baker, by messaging us on with the subject “Build the future”.

Clockwise from top left: The Provenance team setting up our exhibition booth at FutureShop 2016, Jessi Baker speaking at the event, the team researching the supply chain of eggs, and at a team-building session at Hampstead Heath.

To see the hands a product has travelled through is to understand its value.