Provenance Presents at the Bitcoin Meetup

Growing Social Architecture

For the fourth Tools for the Future series, the Proof of Work and Coinscrum Bitcoin Meetup was focused on the socio-economic side of the Blockchain. We at Provenance presented alongside the great Daniel Hassan from Robin Hood Coop. Daniel is an engineer with Robin Hood Minor Asset Management Cooperative, an activist hedge fund that uses financial technologies to democratise finance, expand financial inclusion and generate new economic spaces. Through analysis of big data, development of algorithms, and deployment of web-based technologies such as blockchains Robin Hood aims to compose new financial instruments that can help to redistribute common wealth among groups committed to political, economic and social change.

In his collaboration with Robin Hood he recently co-founded the Member Market, a service built on blockchain allowing members of Robin Hood to trade shares, bringing liquidity and easy auditing to the co-operative system.

From our team Jessi and Johann spoke about Provenance and how we are using the blockchain to track items through a supply chain. Provenance aims to bring transparency to product supply chains and life cycles by making use of the inherent auditability, immutability and security of the blockchain as a persistent broker for trusted information as material things exchange hands.

The video recording from the meetup can be found below:

Our slides from the event are available here.

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