Provenance in the Press | November 2016

“Provenance uses the technology to track food from farm to table, adding trust and transparency to the supply chain.”

Disruptive tech is still as weird and interesting as it used to be


“Provenance’s ambition was not to demonstrate yet another digital interface, but a solution to tracking items and claims securely, end-to-end, in a highly robust, yet accessible format without the need for a centralised data management system.”

Could blockchain technology put co-ops at the front of the digital revolution?

Co-operative news

“A pilot project using blockchains to trace tuna caught in Indonesia through mobile phone text messages sent by fisherman in order to discover whether it was ethically sourced and encourage slavery-free fishing.”

Blockchain is set to take the tech world by storm – here’s why

Computerworld UK

“In een recente pilot heeft de Engelse start-up Provence getest met het traceren van tonijn met blockchain technologie (tracking tuna on the blockchain).”

Traceerbare tonijn met blockchain technologie

Agrifoodtech Platform

“Provenance is one company that helps businesses harness blockchain technology and share the history of a product, promoting transparency and trust.”

One-touch authentication

JWT Intelligence

“Project Provenance seeks to use blockchain to enable “every physical product to come with a digital ‘passport’ that proves authenticity (Is this product what it claims to be?) and origin (Where does this product come from?), creating an auditable record of the journey behind all physical products.””